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Good idea

I am not a gadget freak but if I find it very useful why not. I find the a new phone a convenient one but I can’t afford the price and one thing for sure I am not very careful with my things. It might be destroyed at once or I may lose it. My sister convince me to have one because of the insurance which is a good idea from her.

Home chores

I woke early today having in mind all the things to be accomplished for the day. Thank goodness, I don’t have to report to the office for an overtime. After breakfast, my mom and I chilled for sometime and then went to start doing our day’s business. I started upstairs, while my mom started at the kitchen. Man, there were so many cub webs and dusts in the attic. It’s like the place was not cleaned for a century! It’s almost lunch when I finished the cleaning that area. We just called for a pizza delivery for lunch and talked about ordering new kitchen’s ovis cabinetry and woodworking supplies. After eating and resting a bit, I hit the rooms upstairs -mine, my sister’s and the guess room.

Memorable event

As I open my social network account this morning, I was surprised that one of my friends is already engaged and I am happy for her. I saw their photos and it is so wonderful specially the the ring which looks simple but elegant.

Finally she has found the right one for her and I wish them all the luck in the world. I also read her message of informing me of their engagement and I immediately replied and congratulated them. She is also inviting me for their engagement party soon and I am excited and looking forward to attend this memorable event of their life.