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Her secret

I met my old classmates last Saturday when we had a get together in one of my friend’s birthday celebration. I also met my friend a constant seatmate of mine since we seated alphabetically. She has change a lot and still single. I was brave enough to ask her what was her diet secret and she just said she practice healthy life style. I wanted to ask her why up to now she is single but I stop myself and just thought maybe because she didnt yet find the right one for her. Anyway we enjoyed the party and meeting those old faces again.

Those days

My sister enrolled her daughters to a summer music school to learn how to play the guitar and piano. My nieces have talents in music and so as early age they should be train already and so my sister and I scouted for a new music instrument at specially for a guitar.

I remember my mom enrolled us before to a piano lesson but music is not my cup of tea and so my sister continues her piano lesson as I attended dancing class. I didn’t used it before in grade school until it was only in college when I join the dancing troupe. Those were the happy days of my life and thanks for my mom.

Enjoy life

Lately I noticed that I gained a lot of weights already. I was not that very conscious and having a thought of trying green smoothie diets. Who cares anyway? Feasting and enjoying my food is a way of enjoying my life as well and that I have also some disiplinary measures not to eat that much. And when I do so I have some easy and light exercises to loose weight and to burn calories.