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All the love in the world

Two of my friends were engaged this year and the wedding will be next year. I am happy to both of them as we have a double celebration last month with the brides too be. In time of my friend Joy’s home vacation we hosted a party for them exclusively for girlfriends only. We were all excited to see their rings and to hear their wedding plans. We have all thought that they should have a double wedding and that is more exciting I think. The party was great including a spa wellness and we all felt relaxed that day. We are all looking forward to their wedding days and I wish them all the love in the world.

Mall Tour

Last saturday, I was like in a mall tour looking for hardware tool. My dad had asked me to find one because he need a new one. I actually didn’t know what I was looking for. I was not really listening to him when he was telling me about it. So I tried to phoned him and he gave me all the details. Goin into the shop, I saw this advertisement about that got me interested since I like shopping online for our little daisy. Anyway, I finally found clamps at the hardware store. I knew it! Clamps are those fastening devises in our garage! LOL!

Car shows

When I am with my friends, we like to look for the car shows. We would be happy to see cars with cool interiors. There are cars that don’t even fit their accessories like their spoilers are too big or their wheel rims don’t match the car color. Speaking of color, it’s really nice to see cars with non traditional colors. There are now pink cars, purple and even combination of colors. For me I like these vintage cars better.