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The Wedding prep

The preparation for the wedding of my friend is already in hectic now as the day comes nearer. I think everything will be alright as I can see that they really prepare for it from the choosing of the bridal wedding band to their thank you card. Preparing a wedding is exciting as well as stressful but with the help of family, friends and wedding planner everything will be alright soon. I wish my friend and her husband to have a blissful married life.

Young lady

My niece will be celebrating her 18th birthday this weekend and so I got her a necklace from I hope she will like it and of course the party we are throwing for her. It is a surprise one and we have prepared a lot for it. We are very happy that our baby is now a lady how time flies too fast as if it was only yesterday when my sister gave birth to my first niece.

An assistance

My friend called me up this morning asking me for help. She needed some assistance because of her financial problems. She thought she just needed some management and financial advice with her business. Before I nodded to her request I told her, I dont think that is a simple one, she needs protection how weird I am lol! Anyway we do some management consulting in the office, I was the one whom she thought could help her.