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The Couch potatoes

Hubby was looking for a headphones and so he started searching online. He found out a good one while reading review sites. He is excited to have his own headphones soon after ordering online. I am happy that he will have headphone soon so I can concentrate on watching my favorite tv serie as he will also view his sport tv on his computer. I am already excited with my tv viewing soon. lol!

Bonding with sis

I had a fun weekend with my sister as she came over to stay with us in just two days. We always bond together like shopping, this time I need to scout for boys tuxedos that will be for my nephews. We will attend the wedding of my cousin next month. Hope we can find the right one for the little boys soon. We had also a blast feasting out Friday night at the eat all you can restaurant. My hubby teased us that our diet routine will surrender with us. As if it’s once in a blue moon I bond with my sister that night and we never stop munching on our favorite shrimps.

The venue was also great since there was a happy hour and a small concert after the dinner. We enjoyed the night, the foods, the drinks and the music. How I wish we do that often with my sister aside from our monthly shopping tour.

Happy shopping

Nowadays, we can buy anything on online shops and even some grocery items. Online shops are blooming all over. I find it very interesting and convenient. The customers can shop 24hrs in the convenient of their home. Lately, I discovered a cake online shop and I wanted to try it soon. I will save enough time for not baking and the cake will look better lol anyway, happy shopping.