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Some help

During our younger years my cousin is already inclined with music and so he went to music school after graduation in high school. Now that he is a professional he gone a lot of through things before he reached his success in music world. He is still the same as I used to know. So when there are times I need his help he is always there like last week a friend of mine asked me if I can seek the help of my cousin about a certain music gadget. Since my cousin has also a music shop he asked us to visit them in one of their brands. We were happy that he is vey accommodating and helpful in spite of being busy. My friend thanked him a lot and promise to visit their shop anytime.

The online shop

I was with my sister and his son in the city last weekend. We were scouting for gibson acoustic guitar but we didn’t find any. We also did some small shopping since we were there already. On our way home we drop by the music shop and again we didn’t have what we are looking for. I asked the friendly seller if he knows where to find them and he gave us the idea to search in internet and gave us also some lists of music websites. My niece was delighted with the help he received and when we got home he immediately searched online.

Good idea

I am not a gadget freak but if I find it very useful why not. I find the a new phone a convenient one but I can’t afford the price and one thing for sure I am not very careful with my things. It might be destroyed at once or I may lose it. My sister convince me to have one because of the insurance which is a good idea from her.