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Sunday with my Sister

Yesterday, my sister in law came to visit us and brought some bottles of wine which they order in their club. She stayed here till dinner time and so I requested her to help me prepare our dinner. Her husband will also come to fetch her after his work. During our dinner we tried the wine and I find it good which is appropriate for our dinner. She also offered the next time to bring me again some bottles of wine when they have new delivery. Her visit ended when her husband came to fetch her.

Giving a little help

I am happy to help my friend about her thesis and so last weekend she asked me to look for these keywords in the internet mxl 900. I made some researches and gave her through email. She was online that time and so we chatted about an hour and she is happy that I can help her. She also asked me to distribute about a survey on music at my work. And so yesterday I went to her place to get the survey materials and after that she invited me for a lunch at the nearby restaurant. We had a great time together and hoping we can have more time soon after her thesis study.

Some help

During our younger years my cousin is already inclined with music and so he went to music school after graduation in high school. Now that he is a professional he gone a lot of through things before he reached his success in music world. He is still the same as I used to know. So when there are times I need his help he is always there like last week a friend of mine asked me if I can seek the help of my cousin about a certain music gadget. Since my cousin has also a music shop he asked us to visit them in one of their brands. We were happy that he is vey accommodating and helpful in spite of being busy. My friend thanked him a lot and promise to visit their shop anytime.