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Happy shopping

Nowadays, we can buy anything on online shops and even some grocery items. Online shops are blooming all over. I find it very interesting and convenient. The customers can shop 24hrs in the convenient of their home. Lately, I discovered a cake online shop and I wanted to try it soon. I will save enough time for not baking and the cake will look better lol anyway, happy shopping.

Happy birthday

She is very happy to receive her new good apogee duet 2 from guitar center on her birthday. It was her wish and her dad granted it. Her mom thrown the wonderful party for her and all her friends are there. She was very happy and finally she will continue her guitar lesson and her love of music. She is hoping to join their school band soon and so she needs to practice more for her audition. I know she make it and wish her all the luck.

Health condition

It’s really hard to be sick when far away from home. You feel the physical pain as well the emotional one. But you have to be strong because nobody can really help you but yourself.

I can help but to worry about my friends health condition. I told her, we can always talk online. She should take some time off even just for a day, doing relaxing activities like sleeping, watching a good movie. These are the things that I do when I feel I am really under a tremendous amount of pressure, aside from praying.