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Memorable event

As I open my social network account this morning, I was surprised that one of my friends is already engaged and I am happy for her. I saw their photos and it is so wonderful specially the the ring which looks simple but elegant.

Finally she has found the right one for her and I wish them all the luck in the world. I also read her message of informing me of their engagement and I immediately replied and congratulated them. She is also inviting me for their engagement party soon and I am excited and looking forward to attend this memorable event of their life.

Birthday gift

She is very happy to receive mic preamp for her band on her birthday. It was her wish and her dad granted it. Her mom thrown the wonderful party for her and all her friends are there. She was very happy and finally she will continue her guitar lesson and her love of music. She is hoping to join their school band soon and so she needs to practice more for her audition. I know she make it and wish her all the luck.

Last Weekend

I got an early off from work last friday and I used my time strolling at the mall. I saw a gift shop and I remember the up coming birthday of my nephew. I went inside to scout for a nice gift for him. I saw a lot of great items and decided to bought personalized items. It was already late when I decided to go home so I took my dinner at one of the restaurant and when I arrived home I am ready to start weekend with a blast on dvd marathon and surfing.