I went window shopping the other day, killing time for the last full show of a movie at the mall, when I accidentally got into a jewelry shop. The sales representatives were very accommodating that I was tempted to buy a pair of white gold earrings. But I had to resist the glitter of the earrings because I am saving for a summer trip this May.Since, it was already late, the shop was closing. I was going out of the shop, when I bumped into an old friend. She owns the shop! She was a friend back in high school and I didn’t hear from her since graduation. We only had a short talk because I needed to go to the cinema for the last full show, but we exchanged business cards.

The next day, she called me up to ask me about the pair of earrings I was eyeing at her shop. The sales representative told her that I wanted the earrings. So, I told her, I am going to buy them maybe after summer because I am saving for a summer trip. She told me I can get it on credit and she even gave me a ten percent discount! I didn’t know how to react. But in the end, I was convinced to get the earrings. Oh, well, jewelries are my weakness!