Yesterday, I just finished my paper works earlier so I started to open my email, cleaned my inbox, answered some emails and forwarded those I believe worth sharing. I was reading an email of my friend who was talking about her heart condition. The one she loves broke her heart, before  Valentine’s Day. She said she had never left her room since then. Her email was as short as that, but it made me feel alarmed. So I called her up to ask if she’s OK, and all she answered was no, she’s not and she needs help. I told her I am visiting her.

I was thinking of treating her out for dinner but I didn’t think she will agree to go out with her condition. So I just ordered  food and a small cake and took them to her.

When I arrived there, I felt her pain and loneliness. I wanted to scold her for not reaching out for me as soon as the break up happened but all I felt to do was to comfort her. I didn’t dissect what really happened. All I did was to listen to all her sorrows. I was just glad that I was there for her. Tonight, I am going back to my friend’s house to be with her. I actually called some other friends for a stronger support. I just wish this would be over soon.